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Why Cruise?

Nearly everyone nowadays knows someone who has been on a cruise or who is thinking of embarking on their first sailing. But why cruise?

1. Value for money

2. You only unpack once

3. Family friendly

4. Romance

5. Social

6. Top class service


Have you ever wondered why people who cruise come back and book their next cruise so quickly?  They even book on-board and send the booking back to us!

But…..how do we convince you to take the first step?

  • Value for Money

    There are so many exciting deals out there that give you excellent value for money. The standard of food on board ships is amazing with an array of restaurants on offer to suit all tastes. Inclusive Meals, inclusive activities and even inclusive drinks are offered on lots of ships

  • You only unpack once

    Cruising gives you the opportunity to see many destinations without packing and unpacking, catching trains or getting up at 6am to join a coach. You normally get full days in port and a chance to get a snapshot of places you’ve only dreamed of – and maybe you just might return again

  • Family Friendly

    There is no doubt that major cruise companies have taken the whole family into account on most ships. From sports activities for the kids, to a relaxing sun lounger for the adults, some wine tasting, a top show, specialist dining times – a cruise has it all.

  • Romance

    There is something romantic about a cruise. Maybe its sailing under the stars, watching a movie on the top deck or sipping a cocktail in the beautiful lounges on-board while enjoying all sorts of music. Specialist restaurants allow you to enjoy a relaxing and romantic meal as you sail.

  • Social

    Do you usually travel alone? There is nothing lonely about being on a cruise. You will find plenty to do or plenty of places to chill out. Some ships have special areas for single guests to meet new friends and soak up the atmosphere.

    It is also the perfect destination for groups of friends.

  • Top Class Service

    Many cruise companies now have smaller, more intimate ships. The staff serve meals to your stateroom course by course – and many with no charge for the service. Suite guests can also enjoy speciality restaurants, exclusive areas of the ship for sunbathing, socialising and avoiding the kids if needs be!

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