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Our Reward Scheme

How It Works

Every time you book a cruise with us you will receive 1 point per cruise night. 

No of Points


20+ cruise nights on any cruise ship

Cruise Counter Gift Set & Quarterly Cruise Newsletter

30+ nights

Free parking at your local airport for up to 7 days’ subject to availability

40+ nights

Free parking at your local airport for up to 15 days

50+ nights

£50 off per stateroom

60+ nights

£75 off per stateroom & Welcome gift onboard

70+ nights

£100 off per stateroom

80+ nights

‘£125 off per stateroom & On Board Cruise Counter Dining Experience*

90+ nights

Free pre or post cruise stay up to £150 per stateroom and free car park at your local airport for up to 7 days


Cruise Counter Gift Set
Free parking at your local airport up to 15 days
Free soft drinks package for 1 person travelling or £100 towards drinks package

150+ nights

Cruise Counter Experience

*Subject to availability onboard

Benefits of the Reward Scheme

*Contents may vary

Conditions of the Reward Scheme*

  • Once you book your next cruise with us you will automatically be registered with our scheme. 
  • One reward card is issued per stateroom, not per adult e.g.: - 2 adults who travel together on a 14-night cruise will receive 7 points each or choose to keep all points on one card per stateroom.
  • In the case of 2 staterooms or more, please contact a member of staff to allocate points to the correct card(s).
  • There are no cash alternatives for the rewards
  • Rewards may only be used by the person who holds the card and cannot be transferred to another booking.
  • *We may alter the conditions of the Reward Scheme as required.  Please ensure you keep up to date on our website with any changes to the scheme.
  • Everyone in the scheme must be a minimum age OF 18 years of age
  • Points are assigned upon completion of sailing and cannot be added at any other date
  • Should a cruise be cancelled any points will be forfeited
  • Cruise points will expire 24 months from date of last cruise taken.
  • Each reward may only be claimed once per passport
  • None of our rewards will affect your benefits or loyalty schemes with any individual cruise company

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