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MSC Meraviglia

The perfect experience at sea, in very season

Close to marvels like the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower, amongst the skyscrapers of Dubai or looking up at the Christ of Corcovado, all you can do is gasp in wonder. It is astounding to think of all the masterpieces the human race and its creative genius have been able to produce. This sentiment is the essence and inspiration for the traditional steel-cutting ceremony which kicks off the construction of MSC Meraviglia, the new MSC Cruises flagship that is to be launched in spring 2017. 

MSC Meraviglia is a sophisticated combination of state-of-the-art-technology, a love of the sea, design, comfort and practicality. It is a ship that will dazzle her travellers. MSC Meraviglia will be able to dock at any cruise port around the world, expanding your choice of itineraries and destinations: a huge added bonus for any traveller.

Every season will be perfect with our new layout of internal and external areas. The luxury MSC Yacht Club area will be expanded. The whole ceiling of the inside promenade will be covered with a giant 480-m² LED screen: a digital sky, capable of transmitting vistas, events, sunrises, sunsets and the starry skies at night. Entertainment areas have been multiplied: there’s a fun park and a water park, breathtaking panoramic areas and two covered promenades.